Is it cheaper to buy an iPhone in the US?

Is it cheaper to buy an iPhone in the US?

If you’ve been following yesterday’s iPhone announcements, you won’t have been able to help noticing the price. The iPhone 8 starts at £699, the iPhone 8 Plus £799, and the iPhone X £999. That’s a lot of money, so it’s only natural you’ll be wanting to find the best deal.

Maybe that deal is not in the UK but across the pond in America. US prices appear to be significantly lower than UK prices, so what have you got to lose?

Price iPhone 8 64GB iPhone 8 Plus 64GB iPhone X 64GB
UK price £699 £799 £999
US price $699 $799 $999
UK price in $ $925 $1057 $1322
US price in £ £528 £603 £754

(We’ve focused on SIM-only prices here, because buying the iPhone abroad is enough of a headache without also having to unlock it from a US network.)

Are US prices cheaper?

Only very, very slightly.

Although they appear to be cheaper, US pricing does not take into account local taxes, which varies between states.

In New York sales tax is 8.875 percent, for example. And when the phone arrives in the UK you should also pay 20 percent VAT.

That would increase the $699 price of the iPhone 8 to $900, or £679, making it only a fraction cheaper than the same phone when purchased in the UK.

By the time you’ve added delivery or transport costs, however, you’re not saving any money. 

How to buy a US iPhone in the UK

If you’ve looked at that £20 saving and decided it’s worth the effort, your next question will be how can you get a US iPhone in the UK.

The best option is to combine your purchase of the iPhone with a pre-planned visit to the US, and if you haven’t got a holiday in the US coming up then to find a friend who has. Assuming…

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