iPhone X Diary: First impressions from the keynote don’t wow me, but do impress

iPhone X Diary: First impressions from the keynote don’t wow me, but do impress

Yesterday’s keynote was not without its challenges for Apple. First, thanks to our digging into the leaked code, there were few surprises.

Second, there was the fact that Apple had to kick-off with the understudy. The iPhone 8 – for all the features it borrowed from the iPhone X – looked very much like the iPhone 7, which itself looked very much like the iPhone 6. It was hard to make an iPhone 6sss seem too exciting – especially when everyone was waiting for the main act.

And then there was the failed Face ID demo. The flagship iPhone X feature falling over the first time it was demonstrated. (This was apparently because the specific demo phone hadn’t been unlocked since its last restart, and just as with Touch ID, you need to use your passcode the first time.)

But for my part, the keynote didn’t have much of a job to do …


In my first iPhone X Diary, I ran through the four arguments against buying one – and the four reasons I knew I was going to anyway. So the bar Apple had to clear where I was concerned was a rather low one. It didn’t need to wow me. It didn’t even have to impress me. It just had to leave me satisfied that it would deliver on what we were, by then, already expecting.

The iPhone X did clear that bar with some margin to spare. It didn’t wow me, but it did impress me.

So, let’s talk specifics, beginning with design …

“It’s all screen,” claims the large banner on the Apple website. Jony Ive also said that had been his aim for the iPhone all along, and finally they had achieved it.

Well, no it’s not, and no they haven’t. There is still a significant…

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