Improved in every way except price

Improved in every way except price

Since my introduction to the brand a couple of years ago, V-Moda has quickly become one of my favorite audio companies. Solid sound and performance, paired with impeccable build quality and distinctive styling make the company’s products easy to like and recommend. I thoroughly enjoyed the Crossfade wireless headphones when I reviewed them a year ago, and though I had a few small issues with the headphones, I was impressed overall.

When presented with the opportunity to review the newly released Crossfade 2 Wireless headphones I couldn’t wait to try them out. In their press photos they looked an awful lot like their predecessor. Are they the same headphones with a new coat of paint and a higher price tag, or are they improved enough to be worthy of consideration over the original Crossfades that are already great? Read on, and you’ll find out.

Design and controls

As I said before, the original Crossfade wireless headphones are a great set of cans, with just a couple minor issues. I’m happy to report that almost every one of these issues has been addressed. While the new headphones look almost identical to their predecessors, a closer inspection reveals a number of small, yet appreciated changes.

The layout of the new Crossfade Wireless 2 headphone’s controls is identical to that of the previous generation. The buttons for controlling playback, volume, power, and pairing are all found on the right ear-cup. The controls’ feedback has been noticeably improved, with nice clicky buttons replacing the rather mushy ones in the original Crossfades. The shields on the sides of each cup can be easily removed and replaced…

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