Ikea to be Apple launch partner for AR, showing virtual furniture in your own home

Ikea to be Apple launch partner for AR, showing virtual furniture in your own home

Tim Cook said in a recent interview that he was so excited about augmented reality that he wanted ‘to yell out and scream.’ He named furniture-buying as an example of something that can be completely changed by the use of AR, and gave a specific shout-out to Ikea – a company also briefly referenced in the iOS 11 keynote.

We’ve talked to Ikea, and they have 3D images of their furniture line. You’re talking about changing the whole experience of how you shop for, in this case, furniture and other objects that you can place around the home.

The company has now told a Swedish site a little about its plans …


Ikea’s digital transformation manager Michael Valdsgaard told Digital.di that it was working on the first AR app of its kind – and that it was going all-in on the technology.

This will be the first augmented reality app that allows you to make reliable buying decision […] When we launch new products, they will come first in the AR app.

The plan is for customers to take photos of their own homes, and to use the app to position photo-realistic renders of Ikea products wherever they want them in the home. Customers would be able to see what a sofa would look like in a living-room, for example, placing it in the exact position desired.

Valdsgaard says that Apple’s AR technology is so good that the positioning of products will be ‘millimeter precise,’ with sizes and lighting completely accurate. It’s expecting to have 5-600 products available at launch.

The company will have a head-start on other companies and it’s been using photo-realistic renders instead of product photos in…

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