Huawei’s new Kirin 960 chipset to launch in India soon

Huawei’s new Kirin 960 chipset to launch in India soon

While we are hearing about a new Honor smartphone coming to India soon well it looks the upcoming smartphone will possibly feature the company’s latest Kirin 960 processor.

As per Huawei, this chipset which is the latest addition to the Kirin 900 family is all set to be launched in India soon. Further, with this processor the company aims to provide a smoother, faster, more secure Android experience to the users. While it sounds exciting, the chipset will offer revolutionary performance, efficiency, and security in a wide range of applications, such as gaming, photography, and calling.

Talking about the chipset itself, Kirin 960 incorporates the latest Cortex-A73 processor, Mali-G71 graphics chip, and UFS 2.1 storage technology to deliver a faster user experience. This is the first commercial deployment of the A73 core, which packs incredible boost performance while curbing power consumption by 15 percent. It will not only maximize power but also increase the speed to ensure that the device runs efficiently over time.

And not only that, Kirin 960 had already set a new standard for endurance time and allows augmented reality (AR) games to be enjoyed by consumers. The chipset supports Vulkan, the all-new graphics standard that leverages the true performance of the multi-core GPU.

Additionally, the chipset provides a complete solution based on the Android Nougat version of Vulkan while adopting the Vulkan standard so that the octa-core GPU performance is maximized. “It also offers exceptional virtual reality (VR) performance and can render 2K video at 90 fps with an MTP lag of less than 18ms,” says the company.
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