HTC’s vibrantly colored Solar Red U11 will be on sale beginning tonight

HTC’s vibrantly colored Solar Red U11 will be on sale beginning tonight

The company is kicking off its summer sale with a new color for the U11 and deals on a bunch of other stuff, too.

As if almost perfectly timed with the rampant heat waves rolling through the greater part of North America, HTC has announced that the extremely attractive (the author’s own opinion) Solar Red U11 will be on sale starting tonight.

HTC has been slowly teasing the sale of the highly coveted, almost fire-like variant of the U11 on Twitter for the past few days:

The new Solar Red color morphs ever-so-slightly from a bright, bustling orange to a fiery, reddish-gold, depending from which angle you look at it. It utilizes the same “liquid glass” surface as the rest of its brethren, including the cool-as-a-cucumber “amazing silver” model we reviewed earlier this month.

If you’re on the fence about whether to log on and join the rest of the gang in purchasing HTC’s latest device, take a gander at our review. Android Central’s own Andrew Martonik was particularly impressed with the phone’s responsiveness:

HTC continues to offer the smoothest, most consistent software performance outside of a Pixel or Nexus. Through what is surely a combination of obsessive software engineers and plenty of licensed technology, the U11’s interface performance is immaculate. It’s a sort of subconscious fluidity…

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