HTC U11 durability test resulted in a catastrophic failure

HTC U11 durability test resulted in a catastrophic failure

The HTC U11 is a unique handset. Not only is it absolutely stunning, thanks to its so-called liquid surface design, but it also comes with an interesting feature – squeezing the sides on the phone can be used as a shortcut.

Our review of the HTC U11 also showed us a great camera, blazing-fast performance, and respectable battery life. However, looks and performance don’t matter much if a device can’t survive everyday use.

Zach, of the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel, put the HTC U11 through one of his famous torture tests, complete with scratching, burning, and whatnot.

The test started as expected – the phone scratched at a point where any 2017 flagship would. The fingerprint worked perfectly after heavy scratching, too. The burn test also went as expected – the LCD screen completely recovered from the burn mark, applied with a common lighter.

However, when Zach tried to bend the phone, it flexed way more than it should. This was probably due to the squeezable sides not adding much structural integrity to the whole device, and it ultimately resulted in both the LCD panel and the front glass breaking.

If you happen to own the HTC U11, make sure you don’t keep it in your back pocket. Just imagine what would happen if you accidentally sit on it and the glass shatters. We don’t think it would a pleasant experience for anyone.

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