HTC keyboard ads likely an error, but damage is already done

HTC keyboard ads likely an error, but damage is already done

HTC is telling users to roll back the latest stock keyboard update, which clutters up the screen with ads.

Ads in the stock keyboard app on a flagship smartphone. Added quietly via an app update. Which then asks you to pay to remove them.

You’d be hard pressed to come up with a more comically villainous thing for a phone manufacturer, or app developer, to pull on its users. Yet that’s what’s been happening to some HTC phone owners over the past day, as spotted first by Reddit user “Azirack” on his HTC 10.

HTC 10 owners seem to be worst affected (we’re not seeing it on the newer U11 for what it’s worth), with the ad bar taking up a good chunk of screen real estate. There’s understandable outrage among HTC owners whose phones have started coughing up ads every time they open the keyboard. The consensus, obviously, is that this is not an OK place for ads to be appearing.

An error by keyboard developer TouchPal is the most likely explanation.

HTC hasn’t gotten back to us with an official statement just yet. But the company’s official Twitter account is telling angry users to uninstall the latest update to TouchPal via the Settings app, suggesting that the appearance of ads in this update is a mistake. Most likely, code from regular (non-HTC) version of TouchPal, which does include an ad-supported trial version alongside a subscription-supported paid option, made its way into the HTC Sense version. (Both variants live on…

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