How to use Apple Pay to rent a bike or fill up your gas tank

How to use Apple Pay to rent a bike or fill up your gas tank

New York and New Jersey’s Citi Bike program now supports using Apple Pay to rent bikes.

Whether you’re speeding down a highway or navigating through New York City with a Citi Bike, Apple Pay can help you. Here are the latest transit programs that support Apple’s NFC payment service.

I love to ride my (rented) bicycle

New York and New Jersey’s Citi Bike now support Apple Pay inside the app’s 6.0 update. Users have always been able to find bikes in their area with the app, but now they’ll be able to directly pay for a Day Pass inside the app with Apple Pay. It’s a smart route for implementing the NFC service by the bike-sharing company, as it avoids having to replace any bike stations with NFC terminals — instead relying on the app to provide you with valid bike codes. Good show, Citi Bike.

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Gas up your car

If you’ve ever paid for gas outside of the United States, you may have noticed NFC PayPass terminals on the pumps; they let you tap your Apple Watch to the pump, using Apple Pay to pay for your gas.

While we’ve seen a few United States pumps here and there starting to add support for NFC and Apple Pay (Canadian-American company Irving has added quite a few NFC-supported pumps to travel plazas in the Northeast), there’s an alternative for gas companies (or their franchises) who can’t afford new pumps: Apple Pay payments inside the app.

Exxon Mobil, for instance, has a convenient payment app, Speedpass+ that lets you use Apple Pay to purchase gas. You don’t even have to get out of the car to complete the transaction: The app also supports Apple Watch, allowing you to complete the entire transaction…

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