How to shoot the best black and white photos on your iPhone

How to shoot the best black and white photos on your iPhone

Looking to snap the best black and white photography with your iPhone? Here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind!

Shooting in black and white can be incredibly striking and powerful. Photographer Ansel Adams showed us the true beauty of mother nature with his striking black and white landscape photographs, while Sally Mann‘s stunning black and white portraiture paints a picture of people frozen in time.

If you’re looking to snap some killer black and white photography with your iPhone, there are some handy tools, tricks, and tips you can pull out of your back pocket to shoot something that’s truly breathtaking.

Here’s how to shoot the best black and white photos on your iPhone.

When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you Photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls. (Ted Grant)

Texture, texture, texture

If you’re looking to shoot in black and white with your iPhone, one thing that you might want to keep your eye out for is extreme/varied texture.

This could mean the rough, crumbling brick of an older building downtown, the jagged, sharp glint of broken car window glass in the sunlight, the wispy, matted fur of your grandmother’s 19-year-old gray cat, or the soft, swirling lines of a soggy piece of driftwood.

Texture can be as simple as the gravel on the sidewalk or as complex as a massive wall of flowers and vines. You could even use a macro lens to pick up on textures of tiny little things you wouldn’t normally be able to shoot: you just need to think outside the box and shoot a variety of subjects!

When you shoot textures in black and white, if the…

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