How Angry Birds 2 significantly increased its revenues within a year | Pocket

How Angry Birds 2 significantly increased its revenues within a year | Pocket

Michail Katkoff is Studio Lead at FunPlus.

This article was originally published on Deconstructor of Fun.

When Angry Birds 2 was launched at the end of July in 2015 it received mixed reviews. Both Pocket Gamer and IGN applauded the game for gorgeous graphics and vastly improved level design while faulting Rovio for employing the Candy Crush-like lives mechanic and randomised levels.

“Ever-shifting levels and limited lives take a lot of the fun out of smashing pigs with birds in Angry Birds 2.”

– Review of Angry Birds 2 on IGN

Looking at the downloads, the launch of Angry Birds 2 was a massive success. By the end of 2015 the game had racked up close to 50 million downloads. On the revenue side, things nevertheless looked much gloomier as the game had generated roughly “only” $10 million.

After the initial launch, Angry Birds 2 declined and had stable, relatively low revenues for few months. The growth was achieved through the launch of several key features that all built on top of each other. Post-launch there hasn’t been any significant spikes of installs, indicating that the growth of revenue is sustainable. In addition to launching key features, the game has been updated rigoroulsy with new levels.

Instead of keeping up the course of just adding more levels, the Stockholm studio behind Angry Birds 2 went to work. The updates in 2016 introduced several core mechanics such as leveling up of Birds and the Slingshot, Daily Challenges and Player vs Player Arena while at the same time keeping the rigorous level content cadence up and running.

With each update, the game’s revenue peaked to new heights without…

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