Honor 6X and EMUI 5.0: Everything you need to know

Honor 6X and EMUI 5.0: Everything you need to know

EMUI 5.0 is Huawei’s biggest update in recent years.

Huawei has been making great hardware for several years now, but the software was always the main drawback. Earlier versions of EMUI were primarily designed for Chinese users, and as such they didn’t translate well in Western markets. In particular, the lack of an app drawer was a major feature omission as Huawei looked set to expand its global ambitions. That changed at the end of last year with the introduction of EMUI 5.0.

Along with a visual overhaul, the latest iteration of EMUI brings much-needed features aimed at customers in Western markets, key among which is the introduction of the app drawer. You’re still looking at a heavily-skinned version of Android, only this time around it actually feels like Huawei put in some effort toward creating a cohesive design aesthetic.

The EMUI 5.0 update rolled out to the Honor 6X earlier this year, bringing the new additions to Huawei’s budget offering. Let’s get started with some of the key feature additions.

There’s finally an app drawer

With EMUI 5.0, Huawei finally added a traditional app drawer. Chinese vendors are notorious for not including an app drawer, instead following the iOS convention of listing out all the installed apps on the home screen. Another common feature that is “inspired” by iOS is unread notification badges, which is still present in EMUI 5.0.

The app drawer isn’t enabled by default, but you can easily turn it on from the settings. Just head to Settings -> Home screen style -> Drawer to switch to enable the traditional app drawer. The drawer sorts your installed apps in a vertically…

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