Hey, Instagram! Please stop ruining my feed with your algorithm

Hey, Instagram! Please stop ruining my feed with your algorithm

Instagram’s algorithm only shows me posts that it thinks are most important to me, but it’s wrong and it has ruined my experience. I want the old chronological feed back.

A while back, I noticed that people on Instagram that I follow didn’t seem to be posting anymore. Celebrities that I like to look at pictures of just disappeared from my feed. People I follow to see cool photos of my favorite places just weren’t posting anymore. Or so I thought.

It turns out it was a new algorithm set in place by Instagram. This algorithm tries to predict which feeds are most important to you based on such things as how often you like a user’s photos, whether you comment on a photo, if you share a post with others, and if you search directly for a particular user or company. Supposedly, this helps fill up the top of your feed with content that is most relevant to you.

Guess what. It doesn’t.

Instagram is doing it wrong

My brother posts a few pictures every month; many of them are of cars. I’m not the least bit interested in the Ford F-150, so I don’t hit the like button on his posts very often. He does, however, also post pictures of his family — my nephew. I may not always comment, but I always want to see pictures of my brother and his family on trips, at soccer games, or grabbing some ice cream.

I don’t ever see my brother’s pictures anymore. Ever. You know what I do see? I see pictures of someone I vaguely know from around town. She recently had a baby, so I liked and commented on a bunch of her posts. I don’t see her in person very often, so I wanted to show my congratulations and welcome the new member of her family. I see…

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