Having issues moving BBM from device to device? Read this!

Having issues moving BBM from device to device? Read this!

If you frequent switching platforms (BlackBerry 10, Android, iOS) while using BBM, there’s a good chance you might run into issues in the future that can cause loss of contacts, groups, and channels. Over the past few days, folks have been reporting multiple issues when switching BBM across platforms ranging from temporary server problems to contacts, groups, and channels no longer being accessible after the move.

For most folks, the temporary server issue is something that has popped up in the past and eventually went away, but this time around, things are different as it has now been confirmed there have been changes to how BBM moves your BBID across platforms, and well, they’re certainly not for the better if you frequent switching back to BlackBerry 10 from any of the other BBM supported platforms.

We have recently completed changes that prevent users from switching their accounts from an Android, iOS, or Microsoft device to a BlackBerry 10 or BlackBerry OS device. Also, in addition, BBM Enterprise users will no longer be able to switch their BBM Enterprise account to a BBM consumer account on an Android, iOS, or Microsoft device.” – BBM Product Management.

To be clear, you can move your BBM between BlackBerry 10 devices perfectly fine, but if you move to an Android, iOS, or a Microsoft device, your BBM will technically become ‘stuck’ there. I’m not sure who thought this up or figured it would be a good idea between BlackBerry and Emtek who now runs consumer BBM for BlackBerry, but it’s certainly not the best route to take at all, especially considering since there was never an announcement made or update…

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