Hands-on with Library Sharing and Suggested Sharing on Google Photos 3.0 [APK Download]

Hands-on with Library Sharing and Suggested Sharing on Google Photos 3.0 [APK Download]

Google announced yesterday that the promised Shared Library and Suggested Sharing features that were demoed last month at I/O are going live in Google Photos. When we covered the news, some of these were starting to show up on the web version of Photos then seeding began for a major update to version 3.0 of the Android app. Still, installing the new version didn’t seem to enable any of the new features as they must have required a server-side switch as well.

I was on Google Photos 2.17 this morning and grabbed the 3.0 APK from APK Mirror since the Play Store hadn’t made the update available for me yet. Upon opening the app, I instantly got the two new features, so it looks like the server-side switch has been flipped. It may not be on for everyone just yet, or it may need an app restart or cache clearing (on Photos? Ouch!), so your best bet is getting the required 3.0 on your device and checking to see if you have the options there, then being patient if it isn’t.

Update: Google Photos 3.0 may not be required to get Shared Libraries as some users are seeing the option on 2.17 as well. Google works in mysterious ways, my friends.

The first two things you will notice with Google Photos 3.0 are a 4th new tab at the bottom called Sharing and a new item in the left side menu called Shared library. Let’s go through them.

Shared Libraries

Once you tap on Shared library, you will be shown the splash screen image that I used at the top of this post. Tap on Get started and you’ll be asked to select your partner. That is only one partner. You can’t share parts of your library with someone and other parts with someone…

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