Hands-on: Apple’s Leather Sleeve – a luxury storage solution for iPad Pro [Video]

Hands-on: Apple’s Leather Sleeve – a luxury storage solution for iPad Pro [Video]

The iPad Pro Leather Sleeve is an accessory that’s made for iPad Pro owners who use an Apple Pencil. The sleeve, with a price of $129 for the 10.5-inch model and $159 for the 12.9-inch model, is made out of leather and is available in four colors.

Considering its price tag, the Leather Sleeve is what I would call a luxury accessory. There are other options that provide similar protection at a much cheaper price, but for those of you who demand a high-quality Apple-branded product, the Leather Sleeve makes for an interesting option.

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Because Apple has apparently decided not to produce a case for the rear of the iPad Pro, the Leather Sleeve is your only first-party option for protecting the rear of the device. Unfortunately, as I noted in a recent third-party Smart Case review, the Leather Sleeve can only protect the iPad Pro while not in use. In my opinion, this automatically lends some negative connotation to the Leather Sleeve, because it’s literally the only option that Apple provides, yet it’s useless for protecting the rear of your device while you’re actually using it.

Paying $129 for the Leather Sleeve feels a bit ridiculous considering how thin and simple it is. Yet, it’s its thinness and utter simplicity that makes it attractive. I opted for the black sleeve, which features an even more understated look than the other three available color options.

Video walkthrough

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Unboxing the Leather Sleeve is, like the product itself, a rather simple exercise. After sliding the case open, it’s just a matter of…

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