GungHo’s sales continue to decline in Q2 FY17 | Pocket

GungHo’s sales continue to decline in Q2 FY17 | Pocket

GungHo Online Entertainment has released its financials for its Q2 FY17 for the six months ending June 30th 2017.

It posted net sales of $442.7 million, down 20% year-on-year. Profits also fell by 28.4% compared to FY16 to $108.4 million.

The main reason for GungHo’s decline is the continued decline of its flagship game Puzzle & Dragons. Net sales for the game fell, leading to decreased profits.

New ventures

Despite this, the game has now achieved over 46 million downloads in Japan alone. The developer will continue to focus on trying to retain as many MAUs as possible.

As for its other games, GungHo noted that it will be adding a new chapter to its game Divine Gate to help draw in newer players. Another 11 games are currently in the development pipeline across all platforms, with an eye to worldwide distribution and appeal.

GungHo’s focus on Puzzle & Dragons in Japan has caused it to face consistent declines in sales each quarter, aside from quarters featuring a major event. Efforts to push the game elsewhere in the world have failed, with the China release being shut down just eight months after launching.

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