Gudak turns your iPhone into a $1 Kodak-like disposable camera

Gudak turns your iPhone into a $1 Kodak-like disposable camera

While we are seemingly light-years past regularly using disposable cameras, the folks over at Screw Bar have developed a new iOS app to bring back the nostalgic Kodak disposable camera experiences from yesteryear.

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Gudak Cam strips away all of the modern day features, mainly a viewfinder and instant gratification, in favor of a vintage cam experience right on your iPhone. The name of the app comes from the term Gudagdali, which is an old Korean word for “outdated”. There’s no undo buttons here, you can’t even line your shot up properly with the almost nonexistent viewfinder. It’s 90’s snap shot ridiculousness on a $1,000 smartphone. The thrill of waiting to see what those mostly horrible and poorly framed pictures looked like from last weekend is back!

Not only is there no real viewfinder available to you, but you have to wait three days to even see the pictures! Yes, that’s right, you’ll have to wait for the images to be “developed” in the Gudak app before you can even see them. That is very weird. But it might bring back some of the excitement of getting some friends together or sharing images after the fact, as opposed to the instant gratification of social networks and modern day smartphone cams.

In fact, you can only take a total of 24 photos per day with Gudak. Once again forcing the user to make the best possible use out of every shot, much like it was with proper disposable shooters back in the day.

As if that wasn’t already enough, the folks at Screw Bar have also introduced light leak simulation to Gudak Cam. You can likely…

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