Google pays HTC $1.1 billion for certain employees and a non-exclusive IP license

Google pays HTC $1.1 billion for certain employees and a non-exclusive IP license

Google and HTC have just announced the completion of a deal. Under the terms of the transaction, certain HTC employees will join Google. A number of these employees were already working with Google to develop the Pixel smartphones. Another part of the deal will give Google a non-exclusive license for HTC’s intellectual property. In return, Google will fork over $1.1 billion to the cash starved HTC, which has reported a loss for nine consecutive quarters. With the transaction, Google will be able to use HTC’s IP to help it support the Pixel family of smartphones.

Unlike previous reports, HTC is keeping its entire smartphone designing and manufacturing operations. In the press release that was disseminated to the media this evening (U.S. time), it was pointed out that HTC is currently working on its next flagship model following this year’s HTC U11. The latter is the best high-end model released by HTC in years, and includes the Edge Sense feature that allow users to squeeze the device to activate certain apps and features. It is expected that HTC will add to the capabilities of Edge Sense with its next flagship handset.

Since HTC is not giving up any of its smartphone designing and manufacturing capabilities, it means that the company remains passionate about returning to earlier times when the company produced some of the most innovative handsets available. First as a contract manufacturer (Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, Nexus One, T-Mobile G1) and then as a brand name manufacturer (HTC Touch Pro, HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch Pro2, HTC Touch Diamond2, HTC One M8), HTC had made a name for itself. And while…

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