Giving iPad fire to mere mortals: On myopia and elitism in computing

Giving iPad fire to mere mortals: On myopia and elitism in computing

Why arguing about how someone else chooses to compute, be it on an iPad or PC, says more about you than it does them.

A couple of days ago my iPhone rang. It was 2015 and it wanted it’s debate about iPad being a “real” computer back. (Seriously, I could hear Adele in the background, wondering if, after all these years, iPad Pro would like to meet…) At least it felt that way when a few tweets by Joshua Topolsky re-ignited the old is-it/isn’t-it debate.

Josh is a legend in this industry but Twitter is a platform that lends itself to in-the-heat-of-the-moment (or beverage) hot takes often absent the care and consideration they’d be given in a less real-time medium. It also lends itself to immediate hot take reinforcement and retaliation all over the internet, web and social.

I dislike contributing to that kind of noise, all evidence to the contrary not withstanding, but there are a couple things I dislike more: myopia and elitism.

Being self-centric is natural and perspective taking is hard. I get that. For people who grew up on mainframes, the PC was a joke. For those who lived in the command line, the graphical user interface was a toy. For those who’ve spent the last couple of decades on Mac or Windows, the iPad is a playground.

Yet the PC untethered computing from…

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