get it for just $425

get it for just $425

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the hottest phones around: with its sleek design and bezel-less display, it looks futuristic and cool. 

Trade in any phone and get a $200 price cut on the S8

It’s got the most advanced system chip in the Android universe as well, and one of the finest cameras, and when you can get it for a price of just $425, it becomes an irresistible deal.

How is that possible given that the official MSRP of the Galaxy S8 stands at around $725?

First, you’ve got $100 instant savings that are applied across the Galaxy S8 lineup these days, and then you have the twist: Samsung offers a $200 additional discount if you trade in any Android and iOS device towards the S8. Yes, the key word here is any, and it could even be a very old phone, as per the official rules set by Samsung, as long as it runs Android or iOS.

This brings the price of the Galaxy S8 down to the delicious $425 mark. 

It all works the following way: first hit the Samsung Trade-in Official page below:

Samsung Trade-in Page for Galaxy S8

Select the phone you want to get, and the one you will trade in. You will see the price cut applied immediately with no gimmicks, and you can proceed to check out.

This is a limited time deal, so you’d better act quick.

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