Game developers cautiously optimistic about Mac’s gaming future, but with a catch …

Game developers cautiously optimistic about Mac’s gaming future, but with a catch …

While Macs are popular for many high-end applications, including music creation and video editing, there’s one demanding field where they have mostly been dismissed: gaming.

ArsTechnica declared Mac gaming dead as long ago as 2007, and ten years later Oculus declared that Macs still aren’t good enough for VR – despite workarounds.

But Ars says that there is now some optimism among game developers …


In a piece entitled The state of Mac gamingArs says that Apple’s OpenGL graphics API just couldn’t compete with Direct3D on Windows when it came to modern machines. Metal was an improvement, but still not enough of one.

Metal showed a 40-percent improvement in my tests over OpenGL, but its performance still fell far behind the same computer running Direct3D in Windows.

Though developers do acknowledge that this may be that not enough work has been put into optimizing for Metal.

According to Aspyr Technical Director Jez Sherlock, many games are still engineered around higher-level engines that haven’t yet been updated to get the most out of Metal. “Some engines unfortunately sit very uncomfortably between OpenGL and Metal as far as the ideal graphics API goes,” he explained. “This often requires some re-engineering in order to deliver an optimal experience. This will change as engines are gradually updated to function based on the concepts of the lower level APIs such as Direct3D 12, Vulkan, and Metal.”

However, three factors are lending hope for the future. The first is the far more powerful discrete GPUs Apple made available for the 2016 MacBook Pro. The second is Apple’s promise…

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