Fugoo Style-S review: Stylish, but ultimately disappointing

Fugoo Style-S review: Stylish, but ultimately disappointing

Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen these days, now more so than ever. Fugoo is not necessarily a brand you might find on the shelf at your local electronics retailer, but the company is certainly not new to us here at Android Police. Known for making impressive weather-proof devices that still have good sound, Fugoo is back with two new offerings for those who want waterproof, outdoor Bluetooth speakers. The first of these is the Style-S, the larger and more robust of the two — the Go will star in its own review to follow.

The $140 Style-S is the new flagship for Fugoo, touted as an outdoor speaker that sounds stellar even if it’s inside. It gets loud, looks nice, and can even pair up with a second unit to offer true stereo sound. It even lasts several hours, ensuring that your dance party doesn’t come to a grinding halt. On paper, the Style-S seems almost too good to be true. Luckily, you have me to test these claims.

Design and build quality

The Style-S fits right in line with Fugoo’s previous speakers, the Style and the XL. The sort of irregular quadrilateral design with the base being wider than the top seems to be Fugoo’s design language for this series of speakers, likely because it provides 360° sound. While it lacks the hardened, tank-like appearance of its rugged older brethren, the Style-S is nonetheless a looker.

With the burlap-like cover, the Style-S is neutral enough to fit in with most decorative styles, but it also has a tropical, beachy vibe to it. The roughness of it catches on my callouses when I pick up the speaker, but I expect that of something with such a wide weave. The bottom…

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