Frozen Throne Reveals, Frost Lich Jaina, Arthas Skin, and More ‘Hearthstone’ Weekly News in ‘Touchstone’ #107

Frozen Throne Reveals, Frost Lich Jaina, Arthas Skin, and More ‘Hearthstone’ Weekly News in ‘Touchstone’ #107

Welcome to another Touchstone Tavern, our weekly Hearthstone [Free] roundup of the best stories and videos. As expected, last week was all about the upcoming expansion, Knights of the Frozen Throne, especially because the community has been trying to keep track with and evaluate all the revealed cards. Most in the community seem to be happy with the cards we’ve seen so far, and I hope that optimism continues even after the expansion arrives. It does look like Blizzard is starting to figure out the kind of content the community enjoys, so hopefully we’ll get the best expansion to date. There’s a few weeks to go until that, though, so for now enjoy our weekly roundup.




Stream Reveals Frost Lich Jaina and More

Last week we got to see another one of the Death Knight Heroes, specifically Frost Lich Jaina. The Mage Death Knight costs 9 mana and has 5 armor, and will be all about Elemental decks, since it summons elementals and also gives Elementals in your deck Lifesteal. The stream also revealed many other cards, so it’s definitely a good watch. Read our whole story here and watch the stream below.


Analyzing Frost Lich Jaina

This writer takes an early swing at analyzing Frost Lich Jaina. He sees it as Mage’s answer to Lord Jaraxxus on the Warlock side. She should work well with Elemental Mage and has plenty of synergies with all kinds of other minions. Secret Mage can also find this card useful because it can use secrets to stick around until Turn 9. The writer believes that the best way to go about defeating Frost Lich Jaina is Freeze Mage or Quest Mage, if the card draws work in your favor….

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