From journalism to game production: Auroch Digital’s Peter Willington | Pocket

From journalism to game production: Auroch Digital’s Peter Willington | Pocket

It takes a great number of individuals working together in various disciplines to make any commercial enterprise function.

The mobile games industry is certainly no exception, offering dynamic and diverse roles to thousands the world over.

As such, has decided to celebrate this with a regular series of interviews where each week we chat to a mobile games industry professional from a different field – be it game design, art, or PR – to learn about how they bagged that job in games.

Obviously every career path is different, but the goal is to give a picture of the sorts of skills, qualifications and ambition one might need to find themselves in such a role – and how we can all learn from it.

This time, the spotlight is on Peter Willington. A former journalist and critic on sister sites Pocket Gamer and AppSpy, he has since hopped the fence into a production role at Bristol-based developer Auroch Digital. Tell us a little about your current role and what it entails.

Peter Willington: At Auroch Digital I’m a Producer and Marketing Manager.

The Marketing Manager role is pretty self-explanatory: I set the direction for the company’s marketing, define how we achieve our marketing goals and then set about with my colleague Jake Connor (our Community Manager) on meeting them.

We’re currently ramping up to the release of our latest game – Ogre – on Steam, so we’re both very busy at the moment in this area of our duties.

What a Producer does can vary pretty wildly between studios based on factors like team size, the types of projects being worked on, company culture and so on.

I keep the…

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