Friday 5: Fantastical 2 – a better way to manage calendars and reminders on your Mac [Video]

Friday 5: Fantastical 2 – a better way to manage calendars and reminders on your Mac [Video]

When not using Apple’s built-in default option, Fantastical has long been my go to Calendar app on macOS. The app was just recently updated to version 2.4, a major feature upgrade encompassing things like attachment support, advanced undo/redo, travel time, and more.

But it’s not just the latest upgrades that make this app a worthy default Calendar app replacement. Have a look at five of my favorite Fantastical 2 features in this week’s edition of Friday 5 for more details.

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Natural language input

Today it’s common to see apps incorporate natural language input, but Fantastical was one of the first apps to do so. Natural language input makes it possible to type how you speak. The app will automatically interpret what you mean, and create a corresponding calendar item or reminder.

Mini window

Fantastical had humble beginnings — it originally started as a menu bar utility supplement for the Calendar app. With 2015’s release of Fantastical 2, it graduated into a full-fledged release. But the app didn’t forget where it came from; thus, it still ships with a handy mini window feature that operates from the menu bar. The mini window allows users to quickly access calendars and reminders without opening the full app.

Video walkthrough

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Keyboard shortcut

Fantastical 2 features a built-in keyboard shortcut (⌃+⌥+Space) for quickly accessing the mini window from anywhere and at any time. Similar to the shortcuts featured in popular to-do apps like 2Do and Things, it makes it super-easy to create and manage events…

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