Former Google SVP says Android photography is a few years behind the iPhone

Former Google SVP says Android photography is a few years behind the iPhone

Google’s erstwhile SVP of social won’t be picking up an Android phone for photography again.

Vic Gundotra worked as an SVP of engineering at Google for nearly eight years before departing the company in 2014. Gundotra was the driving force behind the creation of Google+, and the executive ran Google’s mobile efforts from 2007 to 2010.

In a Facebook post, Gundotra praised Apple’s computational photography chops when it comes to the portrait mode on the iPhone 7, calling the results “stunning.”

The end of the DSLR for most people has already arrived. I left my professional camera at home and took these shots at…

Posted by Vic Gundotra onĀ Saturday, July 29, 2017

In portrait mode, the iPhone 7 uses both camera lenses to create a depth of field effect, making the subject stand out by blurring out the background. Recent Android devices like the OnePlus 5 also offer the feature, but the software processing isn’t quite at the same level as the iPhone 7.

Gundotra touched on the subject when a commenter pointed out that the camera on the Galaxy S8 does a better job than the iPhone 7. Gundotra replied that Google “has fallen back” when it comes to computational photography, and that Android phones are a few years behind the iPhone:

Here is the problem: It’s Android. Android is an open source (mostly) operating system that has to be neutral to all parties. This sounds good until you get into the details. Ever wonder why a Samsung phone has a confused and bewildering array of photo options? Should I use the Samsung Camera? Or the Android Camera? Samsung gallery or Google Photos?

It’s because when Samsung…

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