Five fantastic iPhone lens kits for under $100

Five fantastic iPhone lens kits for under $100

Take your iPhoneography — that’s iPhone photography! — to the next level with five great lenses that don’t break the bank!

Sick of lugging around your DSLR? Looking to spice up your Instagram photos with something more than just a filter? Want good quality pictures without spending an arm and a leg on lenses and equipment?

Enter iPhoneography: the process of snapping shots via your iPhone!

iPhoneography is so popular now it seems like every day new gadgets and accessories get announced, each promising to take your shots to the next level. But which ones give you the biggest Instagram or Snapchat bang for your buck? Easy: these!

Photojojo’s Magnetic Lens Series

Photojojo Magnetic Lens

While most iPhone photography lens kits come with three standard lenses (macro, wide-angle, and fisheye), Photojojo spices up the norm with their magnetic series of high-quality lenses!

The full range of Photojojo lenses includes a wide-angle, macro, super fisheye, fisheye, polarizer, and 2x telephoto lens ($20 for each one individually), but you can pick up the sampler bundle, which includes the 2x telephoto, super fisheye, wide-angle & macro lenses, for just $49 on their site.

The lenses secure to your iPhone’s back and front camera with small metal rings that’re meant to stick with a light adhesive to the perimeter of your phone’s lens. You can also use the metal magnetic plate that’s virtually camouflaged on the back of your iPhone. However, there have been reports of the devices’ fastening rings leaving behind a sticky residue on screens, which isn’t uncommon with iPhoneography lenses that use adhesives.

All in all, the Photojojo Lens Series is a…

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