FileMaker Pro 16 adds design and integration features to long-time Mac database app

FileMaker Pro 16 adds design and integration features to long-time Mac database app

This year’s upgrade to FileMaker Pro 16 brings small but key improvements to the database app —and AppleInsider gives you a brief overview.

The FileMaker Pro developers have firmly settled into an annual update cycle, and 2017’s edition is not a major overhaul. Yet FileMaker Pro 16 does make significant improvements.

Existing users can and should just go right ahead and update. People considering it for the first time may not see anything utterly compelling in the new features, but each improvement adds to an already world-class application.

FileMaker Pro is more than an application, really. It’s sold now as a whole platform where every bit of it both online and off sees improvements over each iteration.

For instance, databases you make to run on iOS and FileMaker Go can now automatically detect iBeacons. That means your database can present you with information based on where you are. So, if you run your stocktaking on FileMaker Pro then it will know when you’re in which warehouse.

Similarly, there are nice new touches across FileMaker’s versions for servers where you host a database that you can access remotely. The same fixes and improvements have been made to the online version that people can use in a web browser, and in FileMaker Cloud where the company hosts your databases for you.

Everything really revolves around FileMaker Pro 16 for Mac and Windows, though. While that’s the app that users on desktops will use when they’re entering information into your databases, it’s also where you work when you’re creating what are actually called “solutions.” That warehouse example, for instance, would be said to be using a…

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