FFXV: Monsters of the Deep – Everything You Need to Know

FFXV: Monsters of the Deep – Everything You Need to Know

It’s almost time to go fishing!

Final Fantasy XV introduced us to Prince Noctis, and the world of Eos, and the addicting minigame of fishing. While the Final Fantasy XV itself has concluded, there is definitely more to come, in the form of FFXV: Monsters of the Deep. This game will bring us back to Eos, but there aren’t tons of details quite yet.

Here’s what we know so far!

So What is Monsters of the Deep?

Like all Final Fantasy Games FFXV has a mini-game. This particular game is a fishing simulation that puts you in the body of Noctis, the somewhat hero of the game. This past time seems to have caught the imagination of people everywhere so as part of its VR expansion of the FFXV universe, they are releasing it as a stand alone game.

How do I Get FFXV: Monsters of the Deep?

Monsters of the Deep is currently slated for November 21, 2017. It was due in September, but they pushed the release date back at Gamescom this year.

From what we can tell Monsters of the Deep will be a PSVR Exclusive although with the Early 2018 release of FFXV on PC there is always hope for a Vive or Rift port in the future.

Is Monsters of the Deep a Full Game?

Monsters of the Deep is unlikely to be what we consider a full game. It is a separate game, you won’t need FFXV to play but the preorder says it is available for $29.99 which is usually an indication that it won’t be hugely long in gameplay terms.

You are looking at a fun, diverting fishing sim with a Final Fantasy tie in rather than a fully formed game with a story arc.

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How do you Control Monsters of the Deep?

The controls appear to both Move and Sixaxis compatible. It…

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