Everything you need to know about Farpoint on PlayStation 4

Everything you need to know about Farpoint on PlayStation 4

Survive a desert planet while searching for the scientists stranded there, before the locals get their claws on you.

Farpoint has already been out for over a month, but there is still plenty to delve into with this awesome sci-fi game. With brand new DLC, we’ve got answers for your questions so you can enjoy this game to its fullest!

What’s new with Farpoint?

On June 27, 2017, Farpoint released its first DLC called Cryo Pack. This pack includes two new co-op maps with reskinned enemies for the cold weather you’ll be encountering, a total of six new maps that can be played in challenge mode, a new character skin, and, of course, new trophies for you to collect!

What is Farpoint?

Farpoint is a PlayStation VR game released in May of 2017. It drops you on an alien planet where you are armed with your pulse rifle and your wits. You’re on a mission to find a pair of missing scientists and bring them home to Earth. Along the way, you’ll find holologs of their journey, but it’ll take time to uncover exactly what is going on here.

In the meantime, the planet is absolutely crawling with arachnids. from small jumpy ones that will launch themselves at your face, to large lumbering arachnids that like to shoot oozing goo at you, to super-armored species who want nothing more than to crush you like a bug. Boasting a full story, and the ability to play in co-op mode — provided both you and your buddy have PlayStation Plus memberships — Farpoint has a lot going for it.

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How do I get Farpoint?

Farpoint is available on PlayStation…

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