Essential phone first camera samples and dual-camera setup explained

Essential phone first camera samples and dual-camera setup explained

Andy Rubin’s (supposedly) soon-to-be released Essential phone has been the topic of heated discussion since it was revealed in late May. As much as there is excitement surrounding the new smartphone venture helmed by none other than the father of Android himself, there is no shortage of controversy tied to it either. But let’s leave all that aside for a moment, and instead of mulling over how the Essential phone could fail, let’s instead take a look at one of its most exciting features—no, not the almost edge-to-edge display—the dual camera setup on its back!

Although dual camera setups are a big craze right now and every other phone features one, and although Essential’s vision is not ground-breaking by any means, the company says it’s working very hard on perfecting the formula. So, let’s take a quick behind-the-scenes tour that will hopefully shed more light on how the Essential phone’s camera system was developed and how it will perform in the field!

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Everything camera-related in Essential is handled by Ms. Yazhu Ling – an MS in Color & Imaging and a PhD in Human Visual Perception. Impressive! But let’s see how these titles actually translate to impressive results.

If you’re not up to speed with the Essential phone, it uses a dual-camera system that combines an RGB (color) sensor and a monochrome sensor that work in tandem to deliver better results. It is a setup that’s already been explored by Huawei and Leica in various devices, and Essential’s take on it is very similar, in that the…

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