ElevationLab’s DraftTable elevates the art of the iPad desk stand

ElevationLab’s DraftTable elevates the art of the iPad desk stand

If you work with an iPad Pro at a desk, there’s no better stand available for your needs than the DraftTable.

When I’ve worked with my iPad Pro in the past, it’s often been on couches or perched outside — desk work is often reserved for my MacBook Pro or iMac. But ElevationLab’s excellent DraftTable for iPad Pro has gotten me to rethink my desk setup.

The case for the iPad Pro at a desk

Portability is one of the things I love about the iPad Pro: I can pick it up and draw or work anywhere at any time, whether I have cellular data or power or not. As such, I’ve been loathe to tether it to a desk, especially when I have two computers built for desktop work. I’ve long advocated for using the right device for the right space, and in this place, my Mac is far superior for writing than an iPad.

It has the right form factor, where the iPad often has to rely on clunky cases for the right eye positioning. It’s also much easier to navigate at a desktop angle than the iPad’s touch screen.

But a factor I didn’t really consider was using my iPad Pro in tandem with my Mac setup — especially with my MacBook Pro. Apps like Duet Display and Astropad have long made the case that an iPad can be just as effective a Mac assistant as it can be a self-sufficient computer, whether you need a temporary second monitor or a pressure-sensitive drawing tablet for Photoshop.

I’ve tested both apps for reviews, of course, and use Astropad now and again to draw, but I usually turn on Wi-Fi tethering and draw from my office couch. Having an iPad as a Mac aide could be nice, but I had no good desk setup for it — and didn’t want to just set up my…

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