design, display, camera and specs

design, display, camera and specs

LG launched its V-series of smartphones in 2015 with the introduction of the LG V10 – a curious device stacked with unique features, some of which borderline experimental, such as a secondary display solely dedicated to displaying notifications, two front-facing cameras for super-wide-angle selfie shots, and of course, an excellent Hi-Fi DAC that has since become a staple of LG smartphones and a fan’s favorite. The experimentation continued through last year with the V20, which inherited the “ticker” display from the V10, but added a second wide-angle shooter on its back and upped the audio game with its so-called Quad DAC system. But it seems that 2017 could be the end of wild experimentation for LG and the V series.

LG today made the V30 official and it is a marvel too look at and use. Sporting a trendy bezel-less design, akin to that of the LG G6, the V30 looks even sleeker, thanks to its curved glass front and back, complimented by a polished metal frame. But the V30 is more than just looks and no substance! It’s stacked with the latest tech in displays, cameras, and audio, and is also blazing fast with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 835 CPU on board. But let’s cut straight to the chase and go through all the details and sweet new features of the V30.

Gorgeous almost all-display design

Right off the bat, the LG V30 looks striking with its 18:9, “FullVision” display, with almost nothing in the way of bezels around it. V30’s display is as pixel dense as the panel that graced the LG G6 earlier this year, sporting a resolution of 1440×2880 and capable of delivering around 564ppi, but it isn’t an IPS…

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