Default Folder X for macOS transforms how you use and retrieve documents

Default Folder X for macOS transforms how you use and retrieve documents

AppleInsider didn’t think Open and Save dialogs needed fixing, but it turns out that they could be improved —and this app does it so well you might get addicted.

You open and save documents on your Mac all day long. Default Folder X is the latest version of a long-running app, and still makes it faster to find what you’re after and to choose where to keep them. In its latest version, Default Folder X 5.1.5 handles those minimized Save dialogs that Apple is so fond of.

In practice, all Default Folder X does for those is add a button that expands them out into the regular, full-size Save dialogs. You really don’t need that because you can click on Apple’s own button to the side of the file name. Yet, anecdotally, we’ve seen countless people either not notice Apple’s button or just not understand it.

It’s a shame because those people are unlikely to become Default Folder X users even though it would help them. You need to understand and better yet have felt weary at how much clicking you do every day.

That’s perhaps Default Folder X in microcosm: you don’t truly need it yet if you are even a little experienced on your Mac, you quickly see how much faster and handier it is when you’ve got it. It’s so much faster and handier that it’s difficult to go back and it’s very easy to wish there was a version for the Finder.

Its chief purpose since version 1 has been to help out when you’re opening or saving documents over and over again. If you always save your Pages documents in a folder called Novel then the next time you click Open or Save/Save As, Default Folder X can make sure that’s where you are. You can still navigate…

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