Common OnePlus 5 problems and how to fix them

Common OnePlus 5 problems and how to fix them

Everyone’s phone has a problem at some point.

When it comes to troubleshooting problems with a phone, there are so many variables it can be tough to figure out just what’s going wrong. Even if the OnePlus 5 itself may be solid out of the box, the way you’ve set it up, used it and installed apps to it could combine to create problems you may not be able to diagnose and fix yourself.

We’re here to help, and have rounded up some of the most common problems we’ve seen reported with the OnePlus 5 and how you can hopefully fix them. If you’re having trouble with your OnePlus 5, this is a great place to start.

Screen the ‘wrong’ color

For as much as people talk about screen quality, we have to realize that different people see screen colors differently and also have varying preferences about how screens should look. OnePlus knows this, and gives you options for tweaking how the screen looks to you on the OnePlus 5. Head into Settings then Display and Screen calibration to change how the screen looks.

The quick toggles move you between default, sRGB and DCI-P3 — you can see how each one looks when you touch the toggle. Unless you’re a display nerd you probably won’t like the sRGB or DCI-P3 settings, but it’s worth seeing for a moment how they feel to your eyes. More likely, you’ll just want to tap “custom” and use the slider to choose a cooler or warmer screen temperature that’s just how you want it.

Once you’re done there, back out of the Screen calibration settings and take a look at both “Night mode” and “Reading mode,” both of which help with eye strain when looking at your screen. Night mode makes your screen…

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