Comment: Suggestions that Apple is still undecided about iPhone 8 hardware seem crazy

Comment: Suggestions that Apple is still undecided about iPhone 8 hardware seem crazy

John Gruber has succinctly summarised my own doubts about claims that Apple is still in the process of making hardware decisions about the iPhone 8 at this late stage. In particular, that no final decision has yet been made about whether or not to include Touch ID, or replace it altogether with face-recognition.

I think it’s bonkers to think that Apple is still working on hardware decisions like this in the middle of July […] Hardware doesn’t work like that. Many of the decisions related to the hardware on this year’s new iPhones were made two years ago …

Although there have been multiple rumors of a delayed launch for the iPhone 8, these have been in the order of weeks or – at worst – a month or two …


Whether Apple is retaining Touch ID or replacing it with face-recognition, it doesn’t seem credible that the decision is still up in the air today.

In a recent piece, I voiced two doubts about the idea of replacing Touch ID with face-recognition. The first is that there’s no reason to drop a proven and popular technology overnight when there are solutions that would work with a near-bezel-free screen. It would seem more sense to allow both systems to operate in parallel initially.

The second is Apple Pay. If Apple wants to switch out a proven authentication method for a brand new one, it would have had to seek buy-in from banks and retailers long before now. Perhaps it has done so, but I’d be surprised if it was able to achieve this without a single leak.

One report even suggested that the iPhone 8 might launch with no Apple Pay support at all, which seems the least credible idea…

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