Colorful Cube Roller ‘Desire Path’ Is Set to Roll out on the App Store July 6th

Colorful Cube Roller ‘Desire Path’ Is Set to Roll out on the App Store July 6th

Ever since the EDGE [$2.99] series in the early days of the iPhone, the isometric square-based puzzle title has been a mainstay on the App Store. With such titles only needing a couple of inputs and being easily playable in any orientation of your device, games like DROP NOT! [Free] have appealed to masses because of how accessible they were, all within a delightfully beautiful interface. Desire Path, an upcoming game from Scottish developers Dead Cool Apps, looks to be the next to follow in the path of the aforementioned iOS titles, and requires you to guide the thirty characters through endless obstacle-strewn environments to achieve the highest possible score. With a good deal of variation a heavy emphasis on atmosphere, Desire Path should be a nice distraction for any leaderboard monkeys, and is set to launch on the App Store on July 6th.

Desire Path is by no means going to reinvent the arcade game on iOS, which is immediately evident from its two-touch control method of tapping left to go left, and (surprisingly) tapping right to go right. However, even if Desire Path is derivative of games that came before it, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A truly epic soundtrack helping drive on your protagonist, random weather affects and a minimalist graphical style reminiscent of the Monument Valley [$4.99] games contrast nicely with the saws, lasers and other nefarious obstacles that will be encountered on runs. If Desire Path can stay varied as the difficulty increases, it could serve as an appealing option to anyone looking for shorter, arcade-focused experiences on the iPhone. Roll over to our…

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