Billaway and BBM Messenger team up to launch BBM Rewards in Canada

Billaway and BBM Messenger team up to launch BBM Rewards in Canada

Expanding on their already existing relationship, Billaway and BBM Messenger have now announced they’re once again teaming up. This time around, it’s to launch BBM Rewards for consumers across Android and iOS platforms in Canada.

BBM Messenger users can now earn gift cards via BBM Rewards when they engage in surveys and other activities using Billaway’s cloud-based marketing platform, and redeem at major Canadian retailers. Users can access a range of different gift cards, for businesses like department stores, sporting outlets, pharmacies, supermarkets, gas stations and more by clicking ‘Rewards’ in the Discover menu within BBM Messenger.

The technology used for this service relies on Billaway’s marketing platform, which can be integrated seamlessly into any mobile application. Since launching in South Africa two months ago, BBM Rewards has provided thousands of dollars of credit to participants.

“Everybody is always looking to cut costs where they can,” says Paul Harkins, CEO of Billaway. “BBM Rewards provides an incentive to consumers for sharing their opinions. It’s all about saving money at the end of the day and doing something fun like taking surveys is an easy, cost free way to do this.”

The survey responses gathered on BBM Rewards are also helping brands better connect with consumers, enabling them to conduct market research with a highly responsive user base. With millions of BBM users worldwide, brands that are launching new products and services will be able to gather audience insight that will better their customer experiences and ultimately, provide consumers with the products or services that they…

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