Best Ultra Thin Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Best Ultra Thin Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Keep your Note 8 protected without adding too much bulk!

The Galaxy Note 8 is a device that’s so expensive you would have to be a fool not to try and keep it safe with a case — but it’s also a gorgeously designed phone. So I can understand some folks’ hesitation to cover it up with a thick layer of plastic and rubber.

That’s what makes a slim case such a compelling compromise, keeping your phone protected from the daily bumps and scratches without adding superfluous features or accents. We’ve rounded up the best options from the most trusted brands. Thin cases will also work well with wireless charging pads, so you won’t lose that functionality either!

Spigen Thin Fit Case

You’re not likely to find a case thinner than Spigen’s Thin Fit case. Just a millimeter thick, this case will snap on easily and keep the back glass of your phone protected from scuffs and scratches. There’s also a very subtle lip around the front to offer face-down protection for the screen, too.

We all know that the best cases have reinforced corners, and unfortunately, this case falls short there in an effort to keep the bulk down. But that’s why you’re here, right?

You can get it in matte black for just $10.99, or opt for a more colorful option for a few bucks more.

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Spigen Rugged Crystal Case

Want a case that’s nearly invisible while still providing rugged protection for your Note 8? Spigen has you covered with its Rugged Crystal case.

This slim case is made of a single layer of clear TPU and features reinforced corners to provide that rugged drop protection you may require. It’s got a grippy in-hand feel and its flexible…

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