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Best PlayStation VR Shooters | VRHeads

What are the best shooting games for PlayStation VR?

Shooters are a mainstay and favorite among many gamers, and the style of play is only heightened in PlayStation VR thanks to motion tracking and intense immersion. The list of shooters for PSVR is ever-increasing, but here are the ones we think you should try first.

The Brookhaven Experiment

Popping on the head-mounted display and starting a new game in The Brookhaven Experiment is like taking your life into your own hands — you’re in a dark place, there are decaying zombies of all sizes out there, and your weapons always seem to be just a little short on ammunition.

Waves of undead will attack your small camp wherever you’ve set up, and it’s your job to repel them. Things start off relatively slow with your usual humanoid zombies lumbering toward you, but things get going when the first eight-footer stomps its way into range.

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Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a perfect blend of carnival fun and hellish, twisted landscapes. Things start out alright — you get to take a ride through an old fairground in a rickety cart — but soon take a turn when you ingest hallucinogenic gas.

To defend yourself against the real or hallucinated enemies, you have two pistols that can be swapped out for shotguns and automatics along the way. Once the wheels on the cart start turning, you start pulling triggers and keep pulling triggers until the ride ends.

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RIGS Mechanized Combat League

If you’re a fan of shooters and also don’t mind a sports game once in awhile, RIGS Mechanized Combat League will be right up…

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