Best keyboards for the 12.9 iPad Pro (2015)

Best keyboards for the 12.9 iPad Pro (2015)

What are the best keyboard options for the 2015 12.9 iPad Pro?

Apple may no longer sell the 2015 12.9-inch iPad Pro, but there are still plenty of great hardware keyboards available for first-generation owners. They can help you pump out emails, spreadsheets, papers, and more, all while giving you easy access to your touchscreen.

Note: These cases are only confirmed to fit the 2015 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The 2017 12.9-inch iPad Pro has a different camera setup, and thus won’t fit in some older cases. We’ll have a separate roundup soon that focuses specifically on cases for the 2017 models.

Smart Connector Keyboards

If you want the simplest way to connect your iPad to a mechanical keyboard, the Smart Connector is hard to beat. You don’t have to worry about Bluetooth, nor do you have to charge or connect your keyboard — it automatically pairs when you snap it to your iPad.

Unfortunately, these models come with a few drawbacks: They’re often more expensive than a stand-alone Bluetooth keyboard or keyboard case, and even in 2017, there are really only two good options: Apple’s Smart Keyboard, and Logitech’s Create.

Apple Smart Keyboard

Apple’s 12.9-inch full-size keyboard attaches to the iPad Pro using the Smart Connector and allows for charging and a two-way exchange of data—no Bluetooth required!

The $169 Smart Keyboard also folds into a slim, lightweight cover to protect the iPad Pro’s screen when not in use. Its woven fabric keys do take a slight adjustment period, but as long as you don’t mind the texture, you’ll be typing away in no time.

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Logitech Create Backlit Keyboard Case

Logitech’s Create…

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