Atmospheric Arcade Game ‘BotHeads’ Is Flying Onto the App Store on July 6th

Atmospheric Arcade Game ‘BotHeads’ Is Flying Onto the App Store on July 6th

With so many games competing for your attention on the dense catacombs of the App Store, the ability to assess a game with only the slightest glance is vital to separate the wheat from the chaff. BotHeads is one such title that instantly caught my eye, and while its numerous influences have been plucked from radically different parts of the gaming spectrum, the way that the developers have blended them together to make a cohesive whole is rather impressive indeed. Take Sonic the Hedgehog [Free] pinball obstacles and perpetual motion, combine such elements with the psychedelic contrasting aesthetic of Badland 2 [$0.99], and throw in a pulsating chip-tune soundtrack and you get BotHeads, which looks like an essential download when it hits the App Store for free on July 6th.

It’s quite hard to describe what’s going on in BotHeads, and the trailer really has to be seen to truly ‘get’ what’s going on in A Small Game’s next App Store release. However, the visceral action just clicks, and a promised simple two-button control scheme should make BotHeads accessible and easy to pick up on the go. Haptic feedback on compatible devices should add to the immersion, and it’s little features such as this, and how previous paths taken through levels are highlighted to help later exploration, that emphasise the attention to detail in BotHeads. Few details exist on the actual substance of the package, and how the likely free-to-play monetisation method will work in the game; I really hope the developers can bring the impressive gameplay elements to justice with these superfluous details. Either way, BotHeads is…

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