Apple’s first iPhone was also the first to realize the potential of the smartphone

Apple’s first iPhone was also the first to realize the potential of the smartphone

The iPhone was the phone I’d wanted all along. I had been trying to use cell phones as if they were iPhones for years, but nothing really stuck.

On January 9, 2007, I was at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. I was working for a company that made TV tuners for Mac, and we sold in Apple stores across the U.S.

I was setting up the booth at Macworld 2007 while the keynote was going on, and missed out on the big iPhone announcement. Everyone else in the company was at the presentation and came back more excited than I’d ever seen them. At the Apple stage, there were employees taking questions about iPhone with the model displayed in its glass cylinder.

AppleTV was also introduced at the event, and they had tables upon tables of AppleTV and televisions connected so that we could experience Apple’s first move into home entertainment. Katie Cotton was on site and handling press requests, which were coming like a barrage. Macworld became overwhelmed overnight with everyone who got on a flight from Las Vegas leaving CES to come see the phone that would change every phone after it.

Years before, I had a Sony Ericsson T616, which I bought because it was on the list of phones that Apple showed as working with iSync. I modified it with OS X sounds and animations (the progress wheel, the 2003 Apple logo, the Jaguar wallpaper) all to make it feel more Apple-like. Having contact and photos sync was powerful. At that time, people were used to having to edit contacts in the phone. Being able to write the contacts at the Mac and sync them across was powerful.

Then I got a few Nokia s60 Symbian-based phones. These were my first phones…

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