Apple’s Anticipated AR Glasses Work in Tandem With the iPhone, Patent Hints

Apple’s Anticipated AR Glasses Work in Tandem With the iPhone, Patent Hints

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It has been clear for a while now that Apple is getting rid of the old (so long, iPod) and moving towards future technologies. Augmented reality, for example, is one of Apple’s main focuses today and news surrounding developments in AR has been plentiful. We’ve known for a while now that Apple has been working on AR glasses, but it’s still left to the imagination as to how he AR glasses will work. Now, a new patent application sheds some light on what we can expect from the future wearable.

A patent application by AR software developer Metaio, which was acquired by Apple back in 2015, recently surfaced under Apple. It shows a method for representing points of interests like a building or the inside of a car on an iPhone’s screen. The patent was first discovered by Patently Apple. In theory, Apple wants you to capture the environment via your iPhone’s camera and the screen would then overlay the context. The Cupertino giant also sees this technology coming into play for its AR glasses, wherein your eyes will see the environment, and the glass will overlay it with information.

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The report speculate based on the patent filing that Apple means to make this technology work for both the iPhone and the smart glasses in tandem. “The mobile device may perform an action related to at least one point of interest if at least part of the computer-generated virtual object blended in on the semi-transparent screen is overlapped by a user’s finger or device held by the user.” As far-fetched as this may sound, it does show that Apple is serious…

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