Apple is so optimistic about AR, it has created its own glasses

Apple is so optimistic about AR, it has created its own glasses

You’re probably aware that today’s big players in the world of high-tech are no longer satisfied with our current reality, as they seek to add layers to it through augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Apple is no exception and has become very involved in the field – in addition to preparing its devices to support AR and VR, it’s also decided to manufacture its own augmented reality glasses, like Google did with the Google Glass.

Still unsure about AR? Rest assured, you’re not alone. Apple, however, disagrees. It has been working not only on compatibility with this technology across the vast majority of its devices but it’s also making its own AR glasses. Remind you of anyone? Google did the same with Google Glass.

A sketch of Apple’s future AR glasses. © The Verge / Apple

Although Tim Cook, the big boss of Apple, indicated that Apple was working on an AR device a while ago, it was a few months before images from the patent were released and we could be certain that this wasn’t just a rumor. According to the latest sketches leaked, the device has a pretty simple design (at least, in theory): You pop the glasses on and you’ll be able to see a number of useful features superimposed over what it actually there. Here’s an example in a car: an iPad shows different elements of the car in detail.

apple ar glasses
You should be able to interact with AR through a tablet or smartphone. © Apple / The Verge

in theory, this is very useful (or very worrying, depending on how you look at it), but in practice, it will be fairly complicated to get this technology up…

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