An iPhone switch story from a reluctant Android switcher

An iPhone switch story from a reluctant Android switcher

The iPhone launched 10 years ago, but Roger switched much more recently, in 2015. On the milestone anniversary of Apple’s groundbreaking handset, he tells his story.

My trio of dusty unused Android phones. From left to right: the Nexus 5, the Galaxy Nexus, and a forgotten LG budget model.

I sometimes like to think of myself as the office heretic here at AppleInsider. Case in point: despite writing about Apple products for many years, I only got my first iPhone, an iPhone 6, in early 2015 —making the leap from a string of Android devices.

The change wasn’t predicated by any dissatisfaction with Android. Instead it happened mostly because I was already nearing upgrade time, and offered an opportunity to transition on the cheap. Also, while I was already using the latest iPad, it felt increasingly hard to talk about Apple without having its flagship product.

Due to various circumstances, I’d gone through three Android phones in three years by that point. I started off with a cheap LG phone on Virgin Mobile —functional, but the sort of product some Apple fans might imagine when they criticize Android. It was a slow, clunky Android 2.x device that wasn’t much good past its core functions. It did the trick, but had so little internal storage that even with an added microSD card, I eventually had to upgrade to a “real” phone just to keep using my favorite apps.

By comparison, Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus was a breath of fresh air, at least initially. I might’ve stuck with it for a while in fact, except that both its battery and performance degraded faster than expected. Hitching and slow loading times became a severe annoyance…

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