Alleged iPhone 8 prototype leaks, but it’s probably not the final design

Alleged iPhone 8 prototype leaks, but it’s probably not the final design

At this point, we’ve seen just about every angle of the alleged iPhone 8 design via part leaks, dummy units, molds, and more. But this evening, Twitter leaker Benjamin Geskin is back with a purported iPhone 8 prototype, but there are several reasons to be skeptical…

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Geskin took to Twitter this evening to share images of what is believed to be an iPhone 8 prototype. Interestingly, in the box the iPhone is masked behind a screen protector that makes the front resemble that of a traditional iPhone 7. Once you remove that screen protector, though, the alleged iPhone 8 design is revealed.

What’s interesting about this model is that the screen does not wrap around the front-camera and speaker, but rather stops short of them. This makes for a slightly larger bezel all around, though it’s still significantly smaller than the current iPhone 7 bezels.

There’s reason to doubt this iPhone 8 leak, though. The design is different than the majority of other leaks we’ve seen and Geskin himself has noted of legitimacy of such leaks in the past. He even notes of the skepticism in his tweet this evening.

In the past, leaks with a similar front body design have featured rear-facing Touch ID as well as an aluminum back rather than glass.

The important thing to note with leaks such as this is that Apple has likely tested many, many prototypes. This could very well be one of them, but is it the one Apple will choose as the final design? At this point, it seems as if Apple has moved on with a different design, but that’s obviously not confirmed.

The other alleged iPhone 8 design…

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