A water-resistant BlackBerry phone sans keyboard is in the making

A water-resistant BlackBerry phone sans keyboard is in the making

Off late, we have been hearing rumors about two BlackBerry smartphones that are to launch soon. Well, we don’t about two, but BlackBerry is indeed planning to launch a new smartphone.

According to a report by Engadget, the upcoming BlackBerry handset will be launched sometime in October. The report has revealed some of the details about the phone as well. It is likely to be IP67-certified for dust and water resistance, which will be first for a BlackBerry phone. Other than that, the phone will be a fully touch-based device. This means we wouldn’t see the signature BlackBerry keyboard on it.

Another important aspect is that instead of the company’s own mobile operating system, the Black Berry phone will run on Android OS. As for the authenticity of this news report, the publication has obtained the information from Fran├žois Mahieu.

In case you don’t know, he is the Global General Manager at TCL, the company that manufacturers BlackBerry-branded phones. However, BlackBerry still handles the software side of things.

The report further reveals the upcoming BlackBerry phone will pack a large battery. The battery unit is claimed to last at least 26 hours on a single charge with “mixed use”. Well, if true, the battery should last up to 2 days of normal usage.

It is worth noting that Fran├žois Mahieu expects some iPhone and Samsung Galaxy users to switch to new BlackBerry phone after its launch. The reason according to him will be the phone’s “durability and longevity”. While it is unlikely to happen, we should wait for the unveiling of this phone.

There is a possibility that this water-resistant handset is the recently spotted…

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