A bigger and very noticeably better G6

A bigger and very noticeably better G6

If your primary concern with the G6 earlier this year was that it simply didn’t seem quite well-equipped enough, I can safely assure you that the V30 is LG’s response. Its 6″ QHD+ OLED display finally brings LG smartphones into the OLED era, though I do have my concerns with this screen even having only used the phone for under a day. The Snapdragon 835 processor is the best chipset Qualcomm has on offer, so that’s an easy sell, and LG’s included its Quad DAC in all models of the V30 for maximum audiophile authority (I, for one, am pleased the V30 has a headphone jack at all). The all metal and glass construction combined with a surprisingly low weight make the V30 feel premium and modern – I’d go so far as to say this is a significant visual refinement even upon what LG achieved with the already-handsome G6.

LG has provided us a preproduction Korean version of the V30 for evaluation, and so far, I’m liking it.


As I said, I really think the V30 takes what LG accomplished with the glass-sandwich design of the G6 and just makes it better. The V30 has more naturally curved, polished metal edges (very Samsung-esque), and the even further-reduced display bezel allowed by the OLED screen puts the V30 right up against the latest from Samsung in terms of sheer visual flare. The rear of the phone gently curves around the back to be more comfortable in hand, the fingerprint scanner is placed in an easily-accessible area below the camera module (safe from the risk of accidental lens smudges) and, like those of LG phones for the past couple years, doubles as a power key. The scanner seems fast and accurate to me so…

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